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X-Men – Dark Phoenix

Today we will talk about Dark Phoenix, whose full name is X-Men Dark Phoenix. The x-men movie was started in 2000, with the first movie being the X-men first class and x-men Dark Phoenix recently released. This movie is a part of the series of x-men, many superheroes movies are released in Hollywood but there is something else about the movies of x-men and marvels, so read the article to know the reviews of Dark Phoenix. And share with your friends & family.

Movie Story

X-men Dark Phoenix Movie

The story begins from the ’70s, where Jean Gray has some power that he can not control and he breaks everything. Her parents die during an accident, and then Professor Charles Xavier joins him inside his team. The story comes from here in the ’90s, where x-men are in space for a mission, Cosmic The collapse of the force increases the power of Jean Gray and it becomes a threat to its people, due to which the person closest to him makes distances from him. Then there is the entry of Alien Mutant i.e. Smith. Its purpose is to use the power of Jean Gray to make the world in its control. Now to know it further, you need to watch the film because there is a spoiler free review here.

X-Men – Dark Phoenix Movie Review

Author-director Simon Kinberg has put more emphasis on emotions in the film, but he has not been able to make Dark Phoenix as grand in terms of the series. Jean’s character remains confused for a long time and their confusion is actually the conformity of Writers that they did not understand how to increase the story. Action scenes are good in the film, but it is not what has not been seen before. Sophie Turner has given a powerful performance as a superhero Dark Phoenix. Also, emotions and confusion are shown as well. At the same time, Jessica Chastain looks fantastic in the negative role of Wook. Apart from this, James McCoy

, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hout, etc. have also done complete justice with their roles.

 Movie Information

Flim: X-Men Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix Star Cast: Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp

 Dark Phoenix Director: Simon Kinberg

Movie Genre: Science fi., Action, Superhero, Adventure

Dark Phoenix Movie Duration Time: 1h 54m

 IMDb Rating: 5.9/10 

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer

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