What is Internet ? How Does Internet Work?


What is Internet ?


What is Internet ?


The Internet is a maelstrom. The Internet is the largest and busiest network in the world. The Internet is called ‘interjal’ in Hindi. If you say simple words, internet connecting between the world’s computers is just the Internet. When this network is installed, we become part of a vast network called Global Network and can get any information available on any computer connected to this network in our computer.

Every computer connected to the Internet has a different identity. This unique identification is called an IP address. The IP address is a unique set of mathematical numbers (like that tell the computer’s location.


IP Address is given a name by Domain Name Server, which represents that IP address. As such is a Domain Name that is the name of a computer location. Which connects the domain name server to an IP address.


How Does Internet Work?


How does it work ?


Now the question is how do we join this huge internet? What is the meaning of Internet work? How do computers connect to the Internet? The truth is that computers are interconnected in the Internet, and it is just like our telephone is interconnected. We have to get an Internet connection from ‘Internet Service Provider’ (Internet service provider) to connect your computer to the Internet. Because ISPs are connected to the Internet. This gives us a way to connect to the Internet. When we get this connection, we can connect our computer to the Internet. This connection is accessed through Cabel or Wireless in your computer. When we are connected to the Internet, this process is called ‘Online’.

Some of you might have been thinking that there is a cloud above us which has all the Internet stores in the Internet and the Internet runs on it. But let us tell you that there is nothing like that. The entire internet does not even run from the satellite left by us.




It used to run before the satellite but the technique was very old and in this, the data was also a slow loading. But our engineers discovered the AC technology in which we are fasting today, this technology is Optical Fibers Cable.

It is true that we have installed Optical Fiber Cable with a length of more than 8 lakh kilometers in the sea, which has 90% of our internet usage. The same optical fiber cable is laid in the sea, with less loss and less cost.




The cable is laid in the sea in which the bigger ships also run and sometimes the anchor of the ship also damages the Optical Fiber Cable, something that happened in Egypt on January 13, 2008, due to which 70% of Egypt’s Internet Was closed.


This problem has also been resolved. A number of teams have been formed that monitor Optical Fiber Cable at sea 24 hours. If there is a loss in any Optical Fiber Cable, then these teams fix it as quickly as possible.

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Uses of the Internet


In the days of its launch, Internet usage was limited only by scientists sharing research papers and other information. But gradually the Internet became evolving and new technology was added to it. Whose present form we see today. Modern Internet has become part of our lifestyle. Almost all of our everyday activities have been started at home through the Internet.

At the beginning, the Internet was limited to sharing information only. However, the current Internet has spread its legs almost in every area. From medical to a daily purchase of goods. Let’s know some of the major areas of the Internet where the Internet is used.


1. To Communicate


what is internet communication?

We use most of the internet to communicate with each other. Through the Internet, we can quickly send and receive messages to our loved ones anytime and anywhere. One way to send messages to the Internet is E-mail.

2. To Search Information

Internet was developed only because it was developed. Receiving information like this was never easy before today. But today we can get information from any corner of the world through the internet and that too in few seconds. We can take the news of every corner of the world sitting at home on our computer. Search Engines are used to find information on the Internet.

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3. To Entertainment

The Internet is used as a means of entertainment. The options in the entertainment field are unlimited. Through this, we can see and hear movies, songs, videos etc. Readers of reading can read their favorite writer. Apart from this, the entertainment video game of the time is open to us all the time.


4.To Shopping


Shopping in Internet


This is called e-commerce. Through the Internet, the market can be viewed from home and your goods can be purchased. When we sit at home by the Internet, which shop and what is not, and the lavish options of that kind of stuff can be purchased at the same time, you can buy your luggage in a choice. Apart from this, know the fashion prevailing.


5. In the field of education

This is called e-learning. This area is growing rapidly. Today, through the internet, we can choose the college, the school for us, while sitting at home. Apart from this, the course of our choice is available in which college and all information about that course, such as course fees, a timeline of the course, etc can be found on our computer. Today the field of e-learning has developed very well. We can sit at home and study from the best teachers in the world.

what have you learned?

In this lesson, you know what the internet is. Why is it called the biggest mesh in the world? We have also told you some use of the Internet. We hope this Lesson will prove useful to you.