Toy Story 4 Movie

Toy Story 4 Movie (2019)

Toy Story 4 movie has been released in theaters. The film is directed by direct Josh Cooley, or the movie starts with its previous part Toy Story 3 ended. This movie is very well directed.

Toy Story 4 Movie Story Summary

This movie has a voice over Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Pots, Tony Hal, of Keegan-Michael, Jordan Peele, Keanu Reeves, of the main character. Toy Story 4 is a part of the Toy Story Movie series. This movie is a sequel to Toy Story 3, so if you have not seen the Toy Story previous part, then first you see them, then watch this movie so that you can see the movie Understand the character and can connect emotionally. As you can see in this movie trailer Woody and her toy Friends, with whom now only Bonnie plays and these Toys also now just want to see Bonnie blooming, but the life of Woody and her friends changes when Bonnie makes a new toy on his first day of school The one who gives that name is forky, then starts, fun, thrill, emotional adventure.

Toy Story 4 Movie Review

Toy Story 4 Movie Review

Many new characters have been introduced into this movie which is very funny and entertaining but this film is still only Woody. Woody has been made a very likable character in this movie. Woody is a starborn character, the one who seems to feel that he does what he does not have to break any rule for him.

On one hand, characters like Ducky, Bunny, and Forky will laugh at you. On the other hand, good chemistry will be seen between Woody and Bo Pepe. In this movie, comedy and humor are used very well, on one side, where this movie will make you laugh. On behalf of you, you will also be sad and will also be happy. You can also enjoy this movie with children as well. This movie is a full package movie. In this movie, you can see everything from entertainment, drama, emotional, you must watch this movie.

Toy Story 4 Movie Full Information

Film: Toy Story 4

 Release Date: June 21st, 2019 

Toy Story 4 Movie Director: Josh Cooley

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Duration: 1h 40min

 IMDb Rating: 8.8/10 


Toy Story 4 Movie Trailer

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