The Lion King (2019) Trailer Review

In childhood, all of you must have seen the character of Simba. Even after being old, Simba’s story still likes to see children. Due to the popularity of Simba, Disney Studios has brought the new film ‘A New Morning – The Lion King’ (). The trailer of this movie has also been released in Hindi along with English in The Lion King Trailer. The movie trailer is great. Seeing the trailer, it is clear that even though the story is the same, the fun of watching it is going to be different. Staggering animations, more than one dialogue, superb music is making this movie trailer even more amazing.

The Lion King (2019) Trailer in English

The movie ‘A New Morning – The Lion King’ Hindi trailer starts with a magnificent dialogue. Kabir Bedi┬ávoice looks strong enough. After this, there is an entry of new characters in the trailer. Funky Monkey Rafiqi in the trailer which will declare Simba is king. When Timon and Pumba will be the entry of the story, then the audience will also get to see their famous song ‘Hakuna Matata’. Both are also ready to laugh at this time too.


The Lion King (2019) Trailer in Hindi

Before the trailer release of the film, its posters were released, in which introduction to the characters of the film was introduced. Posters of Simba, Mafasa, Rafiqi, Timon, and Pumba were released.

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