PUBG Unban in India

As soon as the PUBG was banned, there was some panic in the youth of India, let us tell you that on 2nd September, 118 Chinese apps including PUBG were banned in India. But just a while ago, pubg corporation has taken some big decision, which seems that PUBG Mobile may be unbanned in India.

Often people are confused as to whether this PUBG is a Chinese game or not, friends, which is a PUBG Corporation, it is a South Korean company and it is the same company that has developed the PUBG game, the pc version of pubg is fully Korean Company game But in the development of the mobile version of the game that you all play, pubg corporation had a collaboration with the Tencent (Chinese Company).

After pubg mobile is banned in India, pubg corporation has taken a big decision that here, which is the franchise of pubg mobile, it will not authorize Tencent games in India, so that it could not operate in India.

After this decision of pubg corporation, this company will again talk to the Indian government so that pubg mobile in India should be unbanned.

When it is unbanned in Pubg Mobile India, nothing can be told right now, if the pubg corporation is able to assure the Indian government then you will soon be able to play the pubg game in mobile again.

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