Google Adsense New Update

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is a Google product. If you have a website, Mobile application and YouTube channel, Google shows its ad in it, and if a visitor visits your website or YouTube channel and clicks on Google ad, then Google gives you some amount of money for clicking ads. More about How Google AdSense Work.

Google Adsense New Update

Google Adsense New Update:  On  November 21st, 2019 , Two new updates have come from Google AdSense. If you use AdSense, then you must have received an mail from Google Adsense.

CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act

1. CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act Under this act, if you are showing the child in your blog website and YouTuber (Content Creator for Youtube) channel, like using their image or writing something about the children or telling about the product, then you should have to say Google AdSense that content is for the child or not, this is a more important update especially for the YouTube user, since the child is a non-adult in the age of 18 in India and under the age of 13 in the US child is involved in non-adult

Google Adsense New Update CCPA

Google Adsense Web Application

2. Google Adsense Web Application: The second new update of Google Adsense is that Google is going to finish its AdSense mobile application. Google says that AdSense mobile application will be completely finished after the next few months, however, this is sad news because we and you like Many people use this application, after this, you have to open in a mobile browser to use AdSense.

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