Best Earphones with Mic Under 500 Rs

The most used accessories with smartphones are the earphones after the mobile Case (cover). Currently, the mobile manufacturer company does not give earphones in the mobile box in the face of reducing the mobile price, hence we have to buy earphones from outside. Today we will tell you the top 5 best earphones under 500 Rs (Rupees).

You should take care of some things while Buying an earphone.
  • If your budget is ₹ 500 then you just buy the wired earphones because Bluetooth earphones do not come well within 500 rupees.
  • When you buy earphones, be sure to check if there is a microphone in the earphone or if you do not, then do not buy it.




It is JBL’s cheapest earphones but also the best earphones under 500 Rs. You also get super powerful bass and microphone. This earphone is very lightweight and very comfortable to use, and if you talk about its price It is not much higher than other JBL earphones you get in the earphones only Rs 469.

 Price: 469/- Rs 

JBL Earphones Specification & Details

Brand: JBL 

Modal Name: C50HI

Connector Type: Wired

Colour: Black, Blue, White

Drivers: 8.6mm

Warranty: 1 Year


 2.  BOAT BASSHEADS 152 & 162


This earphone is the most used after the JBL earphones. The BoAt’s earphones also have a 1-year replacement warranty. This earphone comes with Super Extra Base, 10mm Drivers, Microphone and Crystal Clear Sound. This is the best earphones under 500 rs will get you only Rs 499.

 Price: 499/- Rs 

BOAT Earphones Specification & Details

Brand: BOAT

Modal Name: Bassheads 152

Connector Type: Wired

Colour: Black, Red

Drivers: 10mm

Warranty: 1 Year

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Here is an Indian company and it produces good earphones at low prices which is casein which is made of metal. These earphones are good looking and it’s sound quality is also very good. In this earphone, you will be able to enjoy Deep Base, Powerful 10mm driver and The microphone is also available. The price of this earphone is 474 Rs.

 Price: 474/- Rs 

LEAF Earphones Specification & Details

Brand: LEAF

Modal Name: METAL 1

Connector Type: Wired 

Colour: Carbon Black, Ferrari Red,Gunmetal

Drivers: 10mm

Warranty: 1 Year



MI Earphone Basic

All you have to do is use MI mobiles too, just like MI mobile, it also manufactures MI earphones which is very cheap and its Duration Life is also very high. This earphone quality is also very good in this best earphone under 500 rs . You get Ultra Deep Base, Powerful 10mm Driver, Silicon Earbuds and Microphone. The length of this earphone cable is 1.2 meters, the price of this earphone is only 399 rupees.

 Price: 399/- Rs 

MI Earphones Specification & Details

Brand: MI

Modal Name: Mi Earphones Basic

Connector Type: Wired

Colour: Black, Blue, Red

Drivers: 10mm

Cabel Length: 1.2 Meter

Warranty: 6 Months




Realme Earphones is a Powerful and Best Quality Earphone. In this earphones you get Powerful 11mm Drivers, Louder Bass, Microphones and Magnetic Earbuds, this earphone is the best earphones under 500 rs compared to the other top 4 earphones. The length of this earphone cable is 1.5 meters, the price of this earphone is 499 rupees.

 Price: 499/- Rs 

REALME Earphones Specification & Details


Modal Name: RMA101

Connector Type:


Colour: Black

Drivers: 11mm

Cabel Length: 1.5 Meter

Warranty: 6 Months

Our team has used all these earphones, then we have told you, if you want to know what is the best earphone under 500 rs in our perspective, Our opinion is that the Realme Earbuds will be good for you because its duration life is longtime and it is also quite comfortable to use.



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